Young people review Vera Vera Vera at Theatre Local

Vera Vera Vera, well well well what to say? Amazing isn’t a good enough word to describe the play. It was outstanding. The play which dealt with everyday issues and catered to everyone. There were laughs, tears and even real grass! The play centred around 5 characters dealing with a death in their family. It all may seem happy and dandy on the outside but behind the scenes there is much deeper story to it. Love and hate are the emotions which stand out in this play and you really feel these emotions. When the play ends (which you don’t want it to) you are left with a warm fuzzy feeling inside, but you still wonder if it was a happy ending for everyone. And this is the feeling you want because it says that you enjoyed it and you want more. I would definitely recommend watching this play but please ask your parents permission because of the language. I wont say anymore.
- Aminat

Vera, Vera, Vera was astonishing and wonderful, it was so eye-catching and interesting that I want to go and watch it again and again. The actors & actresses were so skilful and amazing, it made the play 100% more realistic and enjoyable as an audience. The storyline of the teenagers and the adults worked well together which made it more engaging and appealing for the audience to watch. I advised youths to come and watch but do get parental guidance as there are loads of strong language used in the play.
- Dami

Vera, Vera, Vera - the best performance ever last night. I absolutely loved every single moment of it. The one thing I got from this play was “when you lose someone you love, it changes everything and I mean everything.” Through the characters, their emotions and their body language that quote was shown. It was extraordinary to see the different characters and their characteristics through the drama piece. It wasn’t just acting, it was as if they were actually the characters in reality. I loved the way it didn’t feel like a drama, it felt like it was a real life people. As an audience member I felt like I could relate to it so much. It was beautiful, the actors did an absolutely superb job! I recommend all of you out there, to go and watch it. I would definitely watch something like that again, thank you for an amazing Thurs night!
- Rae