Young people on Abide With Me at the Royal Court West End

The Royal Court invited STEP's three work experience students from Harris Academy Bermondsey to watch Abide With Me by Barrie Keefe, as part of their Playwrights' Playwrights season. Here are their thoughts.

Wow, what a day! Travelled down to the Royal Court in the West End, to go and watch a reading of a play written by Barrie Keefe from over 30 years ago. The fact that Roy Williams brought the play into to the 21st century is amazing. Although it may have been a reading, the emotion and the characteristics from each actor was something that I as an audience member felt. I personally loved every single bit of it. Although the main topic of discussion was about football, it showed that not all fans of the football clubs are lunatics- there is more than what meets the eye. Football does mean something to them. It’s something that is not only built inside them, but it’s something they have a passion for. It showed unity between the communities, that’s something I got from the play.

The play consists of a message which can be understood by generations - generations of people have been bombarded with materialistic goods, that we feel we need, but we can’t get. This message is shown through a metaphor of a football match. This play is and forever will be relevant because as we saw in the summer riots last year sometimes society get tired and lash out through violence. This read through was amazing and if I was a producer I would defiantly try and produce this because we as audience members can see the potential that this play has and what it could be. An amazing play! Thank you!