Work Experience: Shadowing Maggie at SCAS

Work experience placement students Aminat, Dami and Rae report back on working with Maggie at Southwark Costumes and Artefacts Service

This day was very messy for us! We felt like little kids again back in primary school. This was the day, that we helped out Maggie with her new primary school production ‘Not Now Bernard’ This story not only was a childhood memory for all of us, but one of our favourite TV programmes of all times! (That’s only because we have little siblings, don’t get no ideas!) :D

So what did we do?
Well, right from the beginning we was given the DIFFICULT task of painting props and sewing costumes for each character in the story. It was so difficult, that we managed to get white, green and RED paint in our hair. Could you imagine how we felt? Not only was it a rainy day, but also we had to work outside IN the rain! This day just couldn’t get any worse.. But on the brighter side of things, we managed to complete all tasks given to us, also we managed to turn the rainy day into a sunny and happy day for us!

To top it all off, we got to take loads of photo’s in the costumes that we made! What a great day it was!
Thank you Maggie xxx

Aminat, Rae and Dami.