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tangled feet - We work across several London Boroughs and there is nothing like STEP in existence in other boroughs. The work that is done by STEP is clearly innovative and unique. Bridging the gap between professional companies and local schools is something that enables arts companies to deliver the most ambitious of projects. It is really useful for us to know that there is an organisation in the borough of Southwark which is as knowledgeable and linked up as STEP and we wish every borough had an equivalent.

Unicorn Theatre - STEP has supported The Unicorn Theatre’s education programme and allowed us to extend our reach into Southwark Schools, forging new robust partnerships with teachers in local schools. STEP enables us to be part of a strategic borough wide organisation that develops theatre education practice within a broader context, developing the focus and reach of our work.

Shakespeare’s Globe - STEP can provide a collective voice and act strategically in raising the profile and value of arts education and creativity.

Vayu Naidu Company - STEP is a fantastic resource and an inspiring way of engaging with young people.

CCCP Workshops - Having worked in 25 London boroughs I can't think of one with an organisation like STEP in it: It provides a unique focal point for artists like myself wishing to form partnerships with Southwark schools and has also enabled me to network with other artists associated with STEP.

Southwark Mysteries - We have participated in the STEP Festival for several years. It has encouraged us to develop our innovative approach to working with drama and storytelling in schools. STEP has also helped facilitate contacts with schools for our other projects including our major community drama in 2010. STEP Festivals are a great way of showcasing local talent and sharing ideas. The Creative Director is a great driving force, always looking to create new partnerships and new ways of approaching creative work with schools.

Half Moon Young People's Theatre - STEP provides a unique role for the arts education sector in Southwark by acting as the reflective, careful and strategic broker between the formal education sector and theatre organisations - this allows partnerships to grow and develop with ease and confidence ensuring that the outcomes - be they curriculum programmes, mentoring, or simply a theatre experience - are exciting with immediate and long term legacy for the participants: teachers and young people.

Peckham Shed - STEP has provided our members with new opportunities, to perform alongside other youth theatres in established, larger scale local venues. Performing as part of the STEP Youth theatre showcase has helped to raise our members' aspirations and their sense of excitement in their achievments. The Youth Theatre showcase as well as other STEP initiatives have enabled Peckham Shed to promote our inclusive work to a wider range of young people and partner organisations through the show case, taster workshops and networking opportunities. STEP is an innovative and forward thinking organisation which is helping to strengthen a culture of theatre making and attending for young people in Southwark.

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