STEP Talk Youth Theatres Event with the Globe

December 2nd, 2011

As part of the Festival 2011, STEP teamed up with Shakespeare's Globe to create a very special project, allowing young people from across Southwark to experience performing on the Globe's infamous stage.


Theatre Peckham performing on the Globe Stage

Fifty-six young people from five different youth theatres across Southwark took part, including REACT, Salmon Centre Bermondsey, Blue Elephant Theatre, Theatre Peckham and the Globe's Youth Theatre. 102 audience members took to their seats - and to the yard - to be treated to five very different performances which were all inspired by a line from Richard III: 'what of his heart perceive you in his face?'

Each performance was very different in terms of content and form, though each piece explored the themes of identity, misperceptions of young people, and the conflict between appearance and understanding a person's true self. 

The rehearsal process, however, was just as important as the final performance. Over the course of two weeks, each youth theatre was given the chance to rehearse and share their work with each other. This sharing of work enabled each group to watch how others devised and created something entirely different from the same starting point, as well as learning how to give constructive feedback.  

STEP is very grateful to SJ Berwin who funded this very special project, as well as providing volunteers to help supervise both the run up to, and the night itself. STEP would also like to thank the Globe Education for their support and for enabling the project to take place, as well as representatives from Trayport (supporters of STEP) who attended the event.


REACT rehearsing in front of a tour group from the Globe!