STEP Festival 2011 extended to four weeks!

May 9th, 2011

Since 2004, when the first STEP Festival hit Southwark the programme events has been a packed fortnight of performances, projects and programmes. Now, as STEP approaches its eighth Festival we've decided to make it bigger than ever and extend the Festival fortnight to a month.

The STEP Festival 2011 will open on Monday 7th November and close on Friday 2nd December. This year will see more performance opportunities, chances for parents to get involved in the process and final outcomes of their children's projects and also a chance for schools to come together and share in each other's achievements as part of the Festival.

With funding cuts hitting all STEP Partners, resources are even tighter this year, but the Partnership is determined to put on an unforgettable Festival, working more closely together than ever before. To make this happen we will need the support of Southwark's teachers and young people as they themselves come up with innovative ways to make Festival projects happen in partnership with STEP Theatre and Performing Arts Partners.

The title and theme of the Festival are still to be decided so if you have any ideas about this or how you could offer something to this year's Festival then get in touch

We look forward to working with you all and making 2011 better than ever!