Purple Room Studios

April 26th, 2011

Purple Room Studios is an independent production / post-production company with a rapidly growing reputation for quality recording.

Purple Room Studios offers competitive rates for top quality bespoke services including mixing, audio - tracking, editing, vocal recording, video/film production and Mastering. Furnishing rooms with quality equipment to ensure projects sound great, the South-East London based studio is equipped with high class hardware and software, offering musicians and singer-songwriters a friendly and professional space in which to develop and produce ideas.

Purple Room Studios cultivate a relaxed atmosphere and pride themselves on working efficiently, wasting no time in producing great sounding music.

Purple Room Studios are very excited to be working on a new project...consisting of the brilliant Dame K, the wonderfully soulful Eddy (previously signed to EMI) and Purple Rooms producer, Tas (previously signed to BMG). Listen out for their forthcoming EP...

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