Out of School Projects

STEP Youth Theatre Programme

The Youth Theatre Programme unites several STEP out of school projects and provides a platform where young people can share their performances and experiences of theatre in order to highlight their achievements. The STEP Youth Theatre Programme helps to develop participants as performers, observers and producers of theatre. The projects included in the Programme are:

  • Youth Theatre Showcase: a chance for young people from Southwark youth theatres to come together to share their performances with one another
  • Young Comperes Programme: a chance for young people to learn the skills to compere an event
  • Young Critics Programme: a chance for young people to review professional performances
  • Youth Forum: a group of young people who organise youth theatre performances and take part in specialist workshops which feed back into the Youth Theatre Programme
  • STEP into Drama School: events and workshops focused on ensuring young people are fully equipped to apply for Drama School

STEP Youth Theatre Showcase

STEP delivers a Youth Theatre Showcase twice a year in July and November to bring together the work of local youth theatre groups, offering the participants the opportunity to praise and critique one another’s work as well as to demonstrate the quality of their performances to invited supporters and funders.

Riz Ahmed (STEP Patron), who opened the STEP Youth Theatre Showcase in July 2009, said: I’m here to learn about what’s going on over here and hopefully to audition and join as I’m jealous: I never got to have anything like this. There was nothing like this where I grew up…I’m here to soak up your talent and hopefully offer some constructive criticism. I think it’s really important that you guys have a Showcase like this in a space that’s honest and safe. You can learn a lot from your peers.

STEP Young Comperes

From April 2012 onwards, STEP will be working with a group of young people to develop the skills needed to compere youth events. This builds on last year's successful Young Comperes Programme.
The participants, part of groups from two Southwark secondary schools alongside a group  from several Southwark youth theatre groups, will receive a series of workshops which provide participants with a safe environment in which to try out and perfect the skills needed to be a compere.
In July and November the Comperes will host the STEP Youth Theatre Showcases. The group will then form the STEP Compering Team who will be a group able to offer their skills to compere and host many different youth events in Southwark.

This project is funded by the London Bridge Small Grants Fund       

STEP into Drama School

STEP is committed to ensuring that all young people in Southwark who are thinking of applying to Drama School have all the facts before they make the final steps in the application process. Consequently, STEP is delivering a programme of events and workshops which provide practical advice and guidance as well as separating the fact from the fiction of the application process.

In July 2009 STEP held an event for 16-19 year olds which focused on applying to Drama School. Event speakers included lecturers from RADA, Mountview Academy and the Brit School alongside a Rose Bruford graduate and two recently successful auditionees.

Email STEP for a copy of the STEP into Drama School, July 2009 Highlights Video

In December 2011 STEP held an event for 16-21 year olds which focused on jobs in Arts Management. Event speakers included students from the Arts Management course at London South Bank University and a number of arts managers who work for companies such as the Old Vic Tunnels, Box Clever, Vayu Naidu Company and the Chelsea Theatre.

Access the STEP into Arts Management, December 2011 Highlights Video online here or email STEP for a copy of the DVD.
The STEP into Arts Management event was kindly supported by the Ernest Cook Trust.