London Bubble


Since January 2012, STEP has been hosted by one of its partner organisations, London Bubble. Prior to this move STEP was hosted by Theatre Peckham. London Bubble has been heavily involved with the development of STEP since its inception in 2003 and provided invaluable support to STEP as it became an independent arts organisation and took on its new Creative Director in November 2007.


STEP and London Bubble have an extensive partnership, sharing knowledge and expertise and supporting each other’s programmes of work with young people in Southwark. A London Bubble representative has been on the STEP Board, since its inception. London Bubble has also contributed to the development of the STEP Festival through participation and programming support.

Adam Annand, Associate Director at London Bubble says: STEP is at the heart of the artistic and educational communities in Southwark, every year they help us to build new and sustainable creative partnerships. Thanks!

Founded in 1972, London Bubble Theatre Company (London Bubble) is an incorporated company (1058397) and a registered charity (264359).

London Bubble utilises the talents and knowledge of its local communities to make theatre with, and for, children, teenagers and adults, creating spaces where people can share and perform stories. Producing theatre of the highest quality, we achieve significant outcomes with our beneficiaries, by encouraging people to make connections, develop personal skills and creating theatre events that increase communication and build community. In the last 12 months we have delivered 285 in-school sessions, achieving attendances of 5,363, engaged 3,437 people in workshops and given 42 public performances to a combined audience of 13,625.

Contact: Adam Annand, Associate Director
020 7237 4434 E