Let's shout about the 2011 STEP Festival

June 30th, 2011

After much deliberation, the STEP team has decided upon the title of the forthcoming Festival; we think it's bold and describes the energy of all the practitioners, performers and participants who always work so hard to make the Festival a success.

STEP Out Loud Festival 2011

The STEP Out Loud Festival focuses on the theme of communication in all its forms. Through the Festival we will explore verbal communication, digital communication, poetry and creative writing and communication through the medium of gesture, movement and dance. The theme was chosen to tie in with the National Year of Communication as well as give young people in Southwark the chance to explore how they communicate and interact with others and understand the diverse and extensive commuication devices they have at their fingertips.

Festival proposals are coming in thick and fast this week and the STEP team will be putting together the Festival Programme over the next month and details of all the projects and events that make up this year's exciting and extended Festival will be available to schools in the second week of the new academic year in September.