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STEP is a borough-wide partnership linking the theatre community and education and youth sector in the London Borough of Southwark. STEP encourages Southwark’s young people to achieve their full potential through the creative force of theatre and performing arts activities.

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Young people in Southwark are amongst our most talented and most creative - they are the ambassadors and trailblazers remaking our culture in one of London's most historic, and most vibrant boroughs. STEP is an important part of giving them the platform they need to do this, and I'm proud to be a part of this initiative.

It has been fantastic to see how organisations such as STEP are supporting the delivery of the Diploma. Providing students with opportunities to learn outside of the classroom is a vital part of the Diploma and it is important that organisations within the community work together to give young people the opportunity to gain practical experience.

Drama is very important. Some people are good at reading and writing. Some people are good at maths. And some people are good at drama, at acting and drama is very important because it allows us to experience things from another point of view.

The importance of drama and theatre in the lives of young people is immeasurable. Involvement in drama is essential in enabling young people living in today’s society to feel confident to express themselves, to feel empathy with other people and to develop key life skills. The creative experiences and activities that STEP offers to young people are enabling all of this, and more, to happen right here in Southwark.

The Festival is a marvellous way to inspire young people and get them more involved in the magical realm of theatre. I was impressed by the wonderful range of things to see and do… The Festival has clearly struck an impressive balance between engaging young people in enjoyable activities and providing real support and recognition for the incredible work teachers do on a daily basis in schools.

Congratulations on starting this initiative. The reason it’s important for me is because theatre isn’t academic – you have to get up on your feet and participate and experience it and that chance to perform should be available to all of us. STEP can make that possible in Southwark. The beauty of theatre is that it allows us to discover our place in society. Why? Because all the world’s a stage.